Bitter Truths about Life: Unveiling the 11 Harsh Realities

Bitter Truths about Life and Society: Unveiling the 11 Harsh Realities We Must Face.

This world is incredibly beautiful and good. The time we are living in today is one of the most peaceful times in history. Almost all of us have food to eat, clean water to drink, clothes to wear, and a home to live in. In short, we have all the basic necessities for any human being.

However, there are some bitter truths in this world that are filled with a bit of negativity and can, to some extent, cause harm to us. Today, we will talk about some of those things that are among the bitterest truths of our society or life.

So let’s learn about some of these bitter truths that are being presented to you after a lot of research and hard work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Age doesn’t defines your maturity.
  • If you’re talented then also you have to work hard.
  • Life will only give you what you deserves.
  • People will hate you simply because you’re well-liked or successful.
  • Self-love and care matters alot.
  • Not everyone will like you for being a good person.
  • Relatives can become your enemies, or those who envy you.
  • There will be someone who will love or support you no matter what.
  • You will repeat your mistakes many times, so you can learn and grow.
  • If you don’t learn to say no, you’ll keep doing what people say.
  • No matter who you are there will always be someone who will hate you.

1. Age doesn’t defines your maturity.

Whether you are 15 years old or 25, it doesn’t necessarily correlate with your level of maturity because there is no specific age for it. I have seen many 15-16-year-olds work diligently towards their goals, while some 25-30-year-olds spend their time partying, traveling, and engaging in gossip, wasting their time.

You must have also observed that some people handle situations with a lot of maturity, staying calm, while others make a big scene over minor things. Those who create scenes often have lower levels of maturity.

Maturity is a highly complex topic that is built upon various factors such as:

  • Life experiences
  • Personal growth
  • Emotional intelligence
  • IQ (intelligence quotient)

2. If you’re talented then also you have to work hard.

Some people, upon seeing successful individuals, tend to think that their success is solely due to their good luck, wealthy parents, or other such factors, which is incorrect.

If you are talented in something, it’s merely a plus point for you and not a guarantee of success. Your talent or skills alone can never make you successful. Along with talent, you need several other things such as:

  • Hard work
  • Continuously learning new things related to your field
  • Dedication
  • Always honing your talent

You can fully utilize your talent only when you have all these things.

Success chart
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If you only have talent or skill, and your competitor is willing to work hard to continually improve their skill, then you won’t be able to compete with them.

3. Life will only give you what you deserves.

Many times, life gives us what we deserve, which you can also call ‘Karma’.

Our life is influenced by many factors, among which our actions, luck, and circumstances are some of the most important. The best way to change your life is to take action towards achieving your goals, making the world a better place, improving yourself, and spreading positivity. These things will greatly help make your life better.

If you want to make your life better, it will only happen through your hard work, and the responsibility for it lies entirely with you.

4. People will hate you simply because you’re well-liked or successful.

You must have experienced at some point in your life that some people don’t like you simply because others like you more. This is indeed a harsh reality in our society.

I don’t want to sound negative, but the truth is that as you continue to grow and become successful in your life, the number of people who dislike you will also increase. And among those who dislike and hate you, your old friends and relatives may be at the forefront.

In such a situation, you should only focus on being true and authentic to yourself and concentrate on your growth and goals, rather than worrying about what others think of you.

Try to be around only those people who-

  • Those who criticize you for your own good
  • Whose vibrations are positive
  • Those who appreciate and support you
  • And those who motivtes you.

One more thing, you should not be around people who agree with everything you say, whether it’s right or wrong.

Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay.

5. Self-love and care matters alot.

Many of us do not love ourselves and this is one of the most bitter truths about our life, and there are many reasons behind why I say this, such as –

  • Consuming too much social media, which is making them anxious and filling them with negativity.
  • Not taking actions to improve themselves.
  • Spending a lot of time with negative people and things.
  • Not trying to discover their potential and wasting their time on unnecessary things.

There are many other things like this that can give you an idea that you do not love yourself.

Self-love and care do not just mean how beautiful you are on the outside. Its true meaning is how much love you have for yourself and how much effort you put into improving yourself.

When you love and take care of yourself, it greatly improves your self-esteem, resilience, personality, and confidence.

6. Not everyone will like you for being a good person.

Yes, you read it absolutely right. People may not like you just because you are a good person. Often, people have different perspectives and biases that influence them to negatively judge you, despite your goodness.

You shouldn’t let the opinions of such people affect you and should continue to work on being a better person, focusing on your own growth and goals.

If you are a good person, it reflects your ethics and principles, and you should never compromise on these things for the sake of getting into someone’s good books, going mainstream, or succumbing to peer pressure.

Being a good person is a reflection of your principles, and you don’t need anyone’s approval or validation for this matter.

7. Relatives can become your enemies, or those who envy you.

If we wanted, we could have chosen another word in place of “enemies,” but this word fits accurately.

You might have also seen that relatives often exhibit behavior similar to enemies when it comes to certain things.

If something goes better for you than them, some relatives start feeling a lot of jealousy. For example:

  • Exams marks
  • Jobs
  • Anything of yours that turns out better than theirs

Or many other such things; if something of yours turns out to be better than theirs, they start feeling jealous. Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth of our society and life.

Relatives are often seen treating each other like enemies, especially when it comes to property matters.

One should try to maintain as much distance as possible from such relatives.

8. There will be someone who will love or support you no matter what.

After reading this sentence, someone’s face may have appeared in your mind, and it’s possible that they are the ones who won’t leave your side even during your difficult times (other than your parents).

You should be very careful in identifying such people and shower them with lots of love and care. You should care for them not because you expect them to stand by you during your tough times but because you genuinely want to love and care for them with all your heart.

9. You will repeat your mistakes many times.

Yes, I have repeated my mistakes, and we all have, which is a part of the learning process. Where you keep repeating your mistakes until you have fully learned from them.

However, it’s important for you to understand that each time you repeat a mistake, you should strive to learn new lessons from it, rather than becoming comfortable with those mistakes and repeating them again and again.

Repeating mistakes is a part of our learning process, but our goal is to evolve and achieve growth by learning from those mistakes.

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10. If you don’t learn to say no, you’ll keep doing what people say.

This is a bitter truth of our society where if you don’t learn to say ‘No,’ you will always find yourself at the service of others, and you may have to compromise with yourself many times.

Learning to say ‘No’ is crucial for your growth, self-improvement, and for setting boundaries and priorities.

Helping others is a good and essential thing, but if you have to repeatedly prioritize someone else’s needs over your own, it will hold you back. Therefore, learning to say ‘No’ is more than necessary for you.

Below are some examples of situations where you should say ‘No’:

  • If you are working on your goals or self-improvement, and your friends invite you to a party, you should decline the invitation in such a situation.
  • If repeatedly you find yourself exposed to unnecessary gossip or conversations that disrupt your inner peace, you should distance yourself from such situations.
  • And if you are being pressured by friends or family to do something that you have absolutely no desire to do, you should politely decline such things.

This is one of the most Bitter Truths about Life.

11. No matter who you are there will always be someone who will hate you.

In the list of Bitter Truths about Life, this is one of the most negative aspects of our society, where no matter who you are, how much good work you do, or how much you help others, there will always be some people who dislike you.

Do not let the opinions and judgments of such negative individuals affect you, and instead, concentrate on your own growth. You can never make everyone happy. Try to surround yourself only with those who motivate you, appreciate you, are inherently positive individuals, always pushing you forward, and who like you for who you are.

It’s important not to dwell on the negativity of others but rather focus on your self-improvement and being true to yourself.

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These were some of the bitter truths about our society and life. The reason for putting in so much effort and research to share these things with you is solely so that you can understand and overcome the challenges that may come your way in life and ultimately achieve success.

By knowing these Bitter Truths about Life, you should not perceive yourself or the world in a negative light. You simply need to acknowledge the fact that in this beautiful and wonderful world, there are some negative elements that provide you with an opportunity to bring about positive changes in yourself.