Childhood Cartoon Shows: 15 Nostalgic Cartoon Masterpieces

“Back to the summer days, you returned home just to watch your favourite cartoon on the television”. Nostalgia, isn’t it? Cartoons have always been a core part of our childhood. As we grow up, we stop watching cartoons but the characters continue to remain a memory in our minds and heart. Through this article ‘Childhood Cartoon Shows‘, let us take our readers down the memory lane of cartoons, and discuss about some old cartoons that formed our childhood.

15 Best Childhood Cartoon Shows that will give you a nostalgic feel.

1. Tom and Jerry :

The first and one of the most popular and all time favourite cartoons is “Tom and Jerry”. Revolving around the mischievous pair of Tom, a big grey house cat and Jerry a small brown mouse, this cartoon has a special place in the hearts of people. The speciality of the cartoon, is rare use of dialogues and excellent use of music, to give an enjoyable experience.

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2. Chota Bheem :

Most of us, might have atleast once dreamt of gaining the power Chota Bheem got after eating laddoo. Released in 2008, Chota Bheem has always been one of the most loved cartoons. Set in the village of “Dholakpur”, the cartoon revolves around victories of Chota Bheem, and the fun and mischief of various other characters like Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia etc.

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3. Little Krishna :

As a fan of Indian Cartoons based on mythological stories and characters, “Little Krishna” would have been the favourite cartoon of most Indian kids. Based on the early life of Lord Krishna, “Little Krishna” is an animated series portraying his heroic acts and playful nature.

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4. Courage the Cowardly Dog :

This show is quite unique in itself because it’s a cartoon meant for kids, yet it falls into the horror category. Where Courage, a dog, often saves his owners Eustace and Muriel from paranormal dangers, and that too in quite funny and entertaining ways.

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5. Shaktimaan :

All Superhero fans must definitely remember this name, “Shaktimaan”. It was one of India’s first superhero series, revolving around, Gangadhar, a newspaper photographer. He has the power to transform into the superhero, Shaktimaan and to fight for justice.

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6. Pakdam Pakdai :

Pakdam Pakdai, is a popular animated series revolving around a friendly house dog, “Don” who is always at a constant war with 3 mischievous mice who make his life difficult.

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7. Motu Patlu :

In the list of Childhood Cartoon Shows, another popular Indian cartoon famous among Indian kids, Motu Patlu is an animated cartoon whose plot is based in the village of Furfuri Nagar. Motu and Patlu are the main characters of the cartoon, of which Patlu is the intelligent one who finds a solution to all the problems created by Motu. The other characters of the cartoon, portrayed as their friends try to handle these issues and help them solve the problems caused by Motu.

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8. Roll No. 21 :

An original cartoon produced by Cartoon network, Roll no. 21 is one of the most watched cartoons in India. The cartoon is an animated presentation of the mythological conflict between Lord Krishna, known as Krish in the cartoon and Kansa. Kris, portrayed as the incarnation of lord Krishna, tried to preserve goodness is people while Kansa tried to complicate his situation, calling several demons from patal lok to battle him.

Childhood Cartoon Shows

9. Phineas and Ferb :

Phineas and Ferb is one of the oldest and most popular Disney Television animated cartoon. The plot of the cartoon is based in an imaginary town of Danville. The main characters of the cartoon are Phineas and his stepbrother Ferb, who perform impractical projects to spend free time in summer. Another famous addition to the show, is their pet Platypus Perry who is a secret agent for an organisation working with animals.

Childhood Cartoon Shows

10. Ben 10 :

Every kid born between 2000-2010 must have had a good memory with Ben 10, still alive in their heads. An animated cartoon produced by Cartoon network, Ben 10 was based on the story of Ben Tennyson, a kid who discovered The Omnitrix, an alien device for transformation of the wearer into ten different alien species.

Childhood Cartoon Shows

11. The Powerpuff Girls :

“Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup” are the names of three girls who save the world from reckless scientists, aliens, bank robbers, and various other villains, and they face many challenges while doing so. You must have enjoyed watching it a lot.

Childhood Cartoon Shows

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12. Pokémon :

Many people still love the Japanese masterpiece Pokémon. Based on the video game, this TV series revolves around a young trainer named Ash Ketchum, who trains fictional characters called Pokémon.

Childhood Cartoon Shows

13. Johnny Bravo :

We’ve seen some selected shows that we’ve watched until we grew up and this show is one of those shows. It was quite amusing for all of us to see Johnny embarrass himself trying to impress other girls.

Childhood Cartoon Shows

14. Jungle Book :

We all must have definitely liked this cartoon show during our childhood. The intro song of this quite famous cartoon show in its time, we all still remember quite well. ‘Jungle-jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai. Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila hai.’

Childhood Cartoon Shows

15. Oggy and the Cockroaches :

I still remember the first time I watched this show, and since then, I’ve been hooked. It’s so entertaining that you can’t describe it in words. Oggy, the Cockroaches, Olivia, Jack, and Bob, all the characters in this show are incredibly funny and amazing. And I’m sure it must have been one of your favorite shows from childhood as well.

Final Words :

If you are a kid or an adult, all of you must have definitely watched cartoons in your childhood. Cartoons have always been a memorable part of childhood, and every kid might have had a favourite cartoon. This article is an attempt to connect people to their childhood. And take them on a nostalgic drive to the world of old cartoons. If you also found your favourite cartoon in the list, do share the article ‘Childhood Cartoon Shows‘ forward with all your friends and family, reminding them of their favourite shows.