Indian Police Force Dialogues: 10 best quotes from the web series

When we talk about the most famous and successful directors in Bollywood, Rohit Shetty’s name will definitely come up. He is renowned for his action movies, and when it comes to making police-based films, there is simply no comparison. We have all seen and loved Shetty’s cop universe movies like Singham, Singham Returns, Simmba, and Suryavanshi. Continuing this series of police-centric films, he has created a new web series titled ‘Indian Police Force,’ which was released on Amazon Prime on January 19, 2024. In today’s article ‘Indian Police Force dialogues‘, we will discuss some of the best dialogues and quotes from this web series that will make you a fan.

Indian Police Force web series dialogues

1. Aaj jo hua ye hamla kisi market pe nahi, hamari himmat hamare jazbe par hua hai.

best lines from the web series

2. Saanp hamare sath khelna chahta hai par hum khelte nahi, Delhi police khel khatam karti hai.

Indian Police Force web series dialogues

3. Wo hame batana chahta hai ki Delhi ke baad wo kamzor nahi hua hai, ab wo rukega nahi.

Indian Police Force web series dialogues

4. Hum jo karte hain wo hamara kaam hai aur hamari family hamara basic.

amazing quotes and lines from the web series

5. Jung me khoon kisi ka bhi bahe, aansoo maa ke hi behte hain.

Indian Police Force dialogues

6. Shilpa – Don’t make it personal Kabir.
Sidharth – Main aapse jhooth nahi bolunga ma’am. Ye ladai un saare begunah hindustaniyo ke liye hai jinhone apni jaan gawai. It is personal and it should be bloddy personal.

best movies and web series dialogues

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7. Is jung ki sirf shuruwat hui hai, jitna abhi baaki hai.

Indian Police Force quotes

8. Get that monster.
Sidharth – Delhi ka launda hun sir, utha ke le aaunga. Jai Hind.

Indian Police Force dialogues

9. Officers is chehre ko apne zehen me basa lo. Let’s find this ghost who bombs.

Indian Police Force dialogues

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10. Shilpa – Kitne saal se Vikram ki team me ho?
Sidharth – Yahi koi 3 saal se.
Shilpa – Phir maine sahi suna hai tumhare baare me.
Sidharth – I hope aacha hi suna hoga ma’am.
Shilpa – Sorry to disappoint you, but nahi.

Indian Police Force dialogues

Final Words

In Rohit Shetty’s cop universe, you will see prominent actors such as Siddharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and Vivek Oberoi working on a web series titled “Indian Police Force.” Reading these names, you can get an idea of how much fun and entertainment you are going to experience.

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