Jawan Audience Reactions: Craze of SRK

Shahrukh Khan, who is also known as the ‘King of Bollywood,’ lives up to this title when you look at the earnings of his last two movies. His movie “Pathaan” grossed over ₹1000 crore in box office, and his recently released film “Jawan” has become the second-largest Bollywood opener of all time, following “Adipurush.” “Jawan” earned approximately ₹130-150 crore on its first day worldwide, which highlights the massive fan following of King Khan. In this article ‘Jawan Audience Reactions: Craze of SRK’, we will take a glimpse at Shah Rukh Khan’s massive stardom.

Box office collection of Jawan

“It’s quite obvious that judging by the audience reactions, one can estimate that this film is likely to be earning well, but it’s actual numbers quite surprising for many. Recently, the movie Gadar 2 took around 32 days to earn approximately ₹550 crore at the worldwide box office, whereas Jawan has reached this figure in just 5 days.”

Jawan box office collection day 6: ₹605 crore worldwide.

Jawan Film’s Audience Reactions

Director Atlee’s film has received quite positive reviews from critics as well. “Jawan” offers everything that a cinema lover desires, and the audience’s reaction seems to confirm this as well. While watching this film in theaters, it’s the audience’s reactions that are truly telling us how much they are enjoying it. Viewers are dancing, shouting, and celebrating while watching the film. So, let’s take a look at how Shahrukh Khan’s blockbuster film “Jawan” is receiving such an enthusiastic response from fans.

Shahrukh Khan is not just called the King of Bollywood for no reason, his immense fan following justifies this fact. You can clearly see it in this video.

It’s true that SRK’s recent movies weren’t performing exceptionally well at the box office. However, “Pathaan” and now “Jawan” have managed to overcome this setback as well.

This is not a festival, it’s the audience’s reaction after the release of the Jawan movie.

Whether SRK’s films release at festivals or not, the release of his film itself is a festival.”


The reactions are absolutely true when people come out of the theater just after watching a movie. What do you think, will the movie “Jawan” be able to break the ₹1050 crore box office collection record of “Pathaan”?

“This is not a concert; it’s the audience reaction to the Jawan movie while watching it.”

You don’t often see such a craze for a movie.

You can clearly see in this tweet that there is a great response to this film across the country.

Such enthusiasm for a film is quite rare to witness. SRK’s fans are eagerly turning into Jawans (referring to the character of the film) to go and watch this movie.

This new film of SRK is not only creating a buzz in India but is also generating a similar craze in other countries. The excitement for this film is evident in places like Sri Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh, and many other nations.

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So, these were some special reactions from the audience related to Shahrukh Khan’s new film “Jawan.” Looking at the craze for this film, it seems like several box office records are going to be shattered.