Kuku FM: 20 Best Self-Improvement Audiobooks

Kuku FM is a platform that can be one of the easiest means for you to learn, allowing you to enhance your reservoir of knowledge even while engaging in various small tasks. In this app, you’ll find audiobooks on self-improvement, money management, biographies, business, and many other topics. You can listen to these audiobooks while doing household chores, traveling, exercising, or carrying out similar activities. So let’s explore some of the best self-improvement audiobooks available on Kuku FM.

1. How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This audiobook can be quite helpful in your self-improvement journey. It provides you with insights on how to communicate with people, how to interact with them, and many such things.

how to win friends and influence people kuku fm
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9Hr 2Min

2. Positive Thinking by Nepoleon Hill

Positive thinking is quite essential to improve our success and life. In this audiobook on Kuku FM, the power of positive thinking has been explained very well.

positive thinking hindi audiobook on kuku fm
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4Hr 3Min

3. The Best: How Elite Athletes Are Made by Mark Williams and Tim Wigmore

If you want to make a name for yourself in a sport or if you want to understand the mentality of top athletes, you should definitely listen to this. It explains quite well how training, genetics, mindset, and environment all come together to build a top athlete.

the best How Elite Athletes Are Made by Mark Williams and Tim Wigmore audiobook
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11Hr 53Min

4. Safalta Ke Liye 13 Sarvasreshth Aadatein

Everyone wants success in their life, but they often don’t know the path to it. They are unaware of how to bring positive changes to their habits. In this presentation on Kuku FM, you will be informed about such things.

safakta ke 13 sarvasreshth niyam
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6Hr 5Min

5. Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta: Samasyaon Ka Samadhan

One of the most listened-to shows on Kuku FM is this. As the name suggests, it provides practical solutions to the small and big problems that come into your life.

shrimad bhadwad gita
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There are a total of 201 episodes in this, and each episode is around 6-10 minutes long.

26Hr 39Min

6. The Power of Self-Discipline by Peter Hollins

In order to be successful in life, it is essential to work on your self-improvement and to maintain the journey of self-improvement, you need the necessity of self-discipline.

the power of self-discipline audiobook
Image Credit- Kuku FM

This audiobook available on Kuku FM teaches you how to build this discipline.

5Hr 1Min

7. Read People Like A Book by Patrick King

In the journey of success, identifying people is a very important skill, and you can learn exactly that from this audiobook.

read people like a book kuku fm audiobook
Image Credit- Kuku FM

5Hr 8Min

In this audiobook, you can learn to grasp people’s body language, nonverbal cues, and communication signals.

8. Chanakya Neeti and Chanakya Niti

We are all somewhat familiar with the treasure trove of knowledge of Vishnu Gupta (Chanakya). Through this presentation on Kuku FM, you can learn how Chanakya’s wisdom can be applied in everyday life.

chanakya neeti kuku fm
Image Credit- Kuku FM

10Hr 58Min 1Hr 44Min

9. The Rules of Power

Do powerful people become successful, or do successful people become powerful? This is a very big question.

kuku fm the rules of power audiobook
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In ‘The Rules of Power,’ you will find a lot of information about power.

1Hr 30Min

10. How To Say No by Patrick King

In life, many such opportunities will arise where you’ll need to say ‘NO,’ and many people struggle with turning others down. Learning how to say no is crucial for you because it allows you to take good care of your own time, energy, and well-being.

how to say no kuku fm
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This show also demonstrates to you how feedback and critical analysis shape your personal and professional growth, and above all, it teaches you how to say ‘Politely No’ through all of these.

1Hr 22Min

11. Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Nepoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone

The authors of this book have written this book after interviewing 100 successful people. In this book, the authors talk about the ways to live a successful, happy, and dream life with the help of positive mental attitude.

success through a positive mental attitude audiobook on kuku fm
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6Hr 12Min

12. Positive Approach Ka Jaadu

This show is for all those who want to change their negative thinking and embrace positive thinking to achieve something significant in their lives. In this show on Kuku FM, you will be guided about positive and action-oriented methods to achieve your goals.

positive approach ka jaadu in hindi kuku fm
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1Hr 30Min

13. 10% Better by Dr Rob Yeung

This audiobook, written by Dr. Rob Yeung, teaches you to bring small but impactful changes towards your personal growth and success. The book guides you in consistently improving yourself to move towards success.

10% better by dr rob yeung in hindi
Image Credit- Kuku FM

In this audiobook, you will be introduced to small yet effective strategies that will assist you in enhancing various aspects of your life.


14. Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

With this offering from Kuku FM, you can learn to create small and achievable habits that will teach you how to gain momentum and results over time.

mini habits on kuku fm
Image Credit- Kuku FM

This book emphasizes the importance of focusing on small and beneficial habits, which will help you consistently feel positive changes within yourself and ensure continuous personal growth.

3Hr 28Min

15. The Happiest Man On Earth by Eddie Jaku

This audiobook is based on a Holocaust survivor. In this book, the author Eddie Jaku shares his Holocaust experience and explains how he used to find joy and gratitude even during such a significant period of suffering.

the happiest man on earth audiobook in hindi
Image Credit- Kuku FM

This audiobook also provides a lesson on working on one’s own development during challenging times, which can be applied to your own life as well.

3Hr 35Min

16. Smart Work Se Badhaye Productivity

“Everyone can do work, but those who work smart are fewer. Working smartly is not a very difficult thing; you just need to bring some small changes within yourself that will help improve the quality and productivity of your work. This audiobook tells you about these essential changes.”

smare work se badhaye productivity on kuku fm
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1Hr 10Min

17. Think And Grow Rich by Nepoleon Hill

When it comes to self-improvement and there isn’t a discussion about this book, how can that happen?

think and grow rich by nepoleon hill audiobook
Image Credit- Kuku FM

This book, written by Napoleon Hill, guides you on methods of achieving wealth and success through positive thinking.

It elaborates on how a positive thinking mindset, visualization, goal setting, and consistently working towards those goals will lead us to attain success.

9Hr 28Min

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18. Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

This is a very powerful book. In it, the author Joseph Murphy explains how our subconscious mind influences our thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes.

power of your subconscious mind audiobook
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And how we can use the subconscious mind to achieve our goals, overcome challenges, and bring positive changes into our lives.

7Hr 33Min

19. Emotions Ko Kaise Control Kare

Many times, we bring our past issues inside us, and they keep on tormenting us from within. This causes significant harm to our work, health, and ourselves.

emotions ko kaise control karein
Image Credit- Kuku FM

For our self-improvement and success, it’s crucial to have control over our emotions. And this audiobook provides a lot of insights about healing our past issues and gaining control over our emotions.

1Hr 41Min

20. 100 Things Successful People Do by Nigel Cumberland

On Kuku FM, one of the most important audiobooks available is centered around self-improvement and success. It contains numerous actionable tips and habits that can play a crucial role in enhancing our productivity, improving our mindset, and achieving success.

100 things successful people do audiobook in hindi
Image Credit- Kuku FM

8Hr 3Min

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So, here are the top 20 most important and effective audiobooks available on Kuku FM that have greatly helped me in my self-improvement journey. Listening to all these Kuku FM Self-Improvement Audiobooks has brought significant positive changes in my life, and I hope you will also benefit from them.



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