Madame Web Movie Lines: 12 amazing lines from the film

Madame Web Movie Lines

Madame Web Movie Lines: 12 amazing lines from the film

If you are someone who loves thriller and action movies then “Madame Web” is going to be a perfect choice for you. Directed by SJ Clarkson the movie will be in the theatres on 14th February, will be a perfect size for people who love superheroes and thrill.

The movie is a switch from the typical genre and tells the stand alone story of one of the most enigmatic heroines of the Marvel publishing, “Cassandra Webb.” The movie stars Dakota Johnson in the role of lead, and she got the power to see future and has a realisation, that she can use the insight to change the future. On being forced to confront her past revelations, she builds a relationship with three young women, meant for powerful destinies. But, if they can all survive a deadly present, is the mystery that will be resolved after you watch the movie.

Madame Web Movie Dialogues

1. A week ago, I spent my life racing against time.

2. Trying to save people who were running out of time.

3. Welcome back to the land of the living.

4. I knew he was gonna die.

5. I think I’m seeing the future.

6. New York City is a whole new level of crazyy these days.

7. I can see the future.

8. You don’t think this is weird, how we’re all connected.

9. It’s honestly like the least weird thing that’s happened all day.

10. You have no idea what those girls become.

11. If you want to live, you’ve to trust me.

12. You’re showing off.
– maybe a little.

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