National Creators Award 2024: List of Winners

National Creators Award 2024

“What do you do by profession?” The relatives asked Sneha!! “I’m a content creator” she said!! And the next question pops up, “That’s okay, but what do you do professionally”. That’s how a content creator is treated and the profession of a content creator has always been seen as a backup to a permanent job but this article ‘National Creators Award 2024‘ will definitely help changing this perspective.

However our respected prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has recently taken up a step that is definitely going to work in the favour of content creators and change the people’s point of view towards them. If you are also a Content Creator or a fan who loves watching content then you must definitely be aware of the National Creators Award that was given by the Prime Minister on 8 March 2024. Even if you are not aware we are here to your rescue providing you complete information and the list of winners of the national creators award 2024. So stick till the end to know all about it.


The National Creators Award 2024 was held at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi on 8th March. This was the first edition of the award and the winners were awarded by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The introduction of these awards is a step by the Indian government to recognise and empower the digital creators who play an important role in educating and entertaining the society.

There were around 1.5 lakh nominations for the award, from over 20 categories. A huge number of 10 lakh votes was casted during the elections from which 23 winners were chosen for different categories. The different categories of the award included Best Story Teller, Social Change Advocate, Celebrity Creator etc. Now let us look at the complete list of winners under different categories, where some winners also include International creators.

National Creators Award 2024

1. Food shows and food content have been a major attraction for the public in the recent days. Therefore the Award for Best Creator in Food category was won by Kabita Singh who runs a cooking channel under the name Kabita’s Kitchen.

2. Taking a step towards social change and trying to influence people positively Jaya Kishori won the award for the category of “Best Creator for Social Change“.

3. Travelling all around and bringing creative travel content to the public, Kamiya Jani received the award for, “Best Travel Creator.

4. Under the international category Drew Hicks won the Award for “Best International creator.”

5. Beer Biceps, the ultimate Indian fitness channel on YouTube that has evolved into the one stop solution for everything from fitness to health to men’s fashion to lifestyle to motivation to entrepreneurship is run by Ranveer Allahbadia who won the award under the category of “Disruptor of the Year.”

6. RJ Raunac popular as Bauaa, who works in Red FM won an award under the category of , “Most Creative Creator – Male“.

7. On the other hand the award for “Most Creative Creator: Female” was won by Shraddha, who is an Indian Kannada actress, host, RJ and comedian.

8. In today’s time where gaming is among one of the most hyped content among teenagers the Award for “Best Creator In Gaming Category” was won by Nishchay.

9. Health and fitness is one major concern among people of all age groups today. There are different content creators creating all kinds of health and fitness content for people. The award for “Best Health and Fitness Creator” was won by Ankit Baiyanpuria.

Winners of National Creators Award 2024

10. For the students searching content on, “how to complete syllabus in one day” or, the summary of various chapters etc. There are content creators producing best educational content. Therefore the award under the category “Best Creator in Education” was received by “Naman Deshmukh.

11. The Award for Best micro creator was receive by Aridaman.

12. People look for fashion influences all around the internet and there are creators mixing, matching and experimenting with fashion trends just to meet the people’s expectations and entertainment purpose. Therefore the award for Heritage Fashion Icon was received by Jahnvi Singh.

13. For the constant commitment to cleanliness and civil responsibility Malhar Kalambe received the award under the title of “Swachhta Ambassador”.

14. People preferred to learn various techniques tips and tricks related to technology and there are several creators creating tech content today. The award for the category of Best Creator in Tech category was bagged by Gaurav Chaudhary.

15. The famous Indian playback singer Maithili Thakur trained in folk classical music, who sings motivational songs and bhajans won the title of Cultural Ambassador of the Year.

16. The awards for the category of Best Story Teller and that category of celebrity creator was one by Keerthika Govindasamy and Aman Gupta respectively.

17. The couple ‘Abhi and Niyu‘ won the New India Champion awards.

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Final Words

National Creators Award 2024

These awards have definitely set up an icon of inspiration for the content creators all around. And will definitely change the people’s perspective towards the profession of content creators. Through this article we have provided our readers the complete list of winners of different categories. So, do share this article ‘National Creators Award 2024’ with all your friends and family. To let them know, whether or not their favourite creators made to the list of winners this time.