new iPhone 15 series memes

Just recently, on September 12th, Apple launched several new products, including the new iPhone 15 series. It’s impossible for new iPhones to be launched without memes surfacing on the internet. On Twitter (X), many memes related to the new iPhone 15 series are being created, poking fun at their prices, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing when you see them. So, let’s take a look at some of the viral iPhone 15 series memes trending on social media platform X.

Looking at the prices of the new iPhones, it really feels like a Deepak Kalal moment.

Deepak Kalal meme on new iPhone 15 series

Prajakta Koli’s expressions accurately depict the situation of most people, including me.

Prajakta Koli meme on iPhone 15 series

This meme is hilarious.

iPhone 15 series meme

Yes, bro, we’re not the same.

iPhone 15 price meme

The new iPhone 15 series looks just like the old versions.

iPhone 15 series meme

This is our only way to afford an iPhone.

kidney meme on iPhone 15 series

Exactly the same.

same iPhone meme

This meme comparing the new and old iPhone versions is iconic.

iPhone 15 series meme

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Why Android users, why?

funny memes

Wow, they’ve made these new iPhones so ridiculously light.

iPhone 15 series meme

iPhone 14 users right now.

Corporate majdoors be like.

price meme on iPhones


iPhone 15 series meme

This meme is absolutely accurate.

high price meme on iPhones

When your iPhone is more important to you than your spouse.

expensive iPhone 15 series meme

Wah Tim bhai Wah.

Prices of New iPhone 15 Series

iPhone128 GB256 GB512 GB1 TB
iPhone 15₹79,900₹89,900₹1,09,900
iPhone 15 Plus₹89,900₹99,900₹1,19,900
iPhone 15 Pro₹1,34,900₹1,44,900₹1,64,900₹1,84,900
iPhone 15 Pro Max₹1,59,900₹1,79,900₹1,99,900

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