Valentine’s Day : A Day to celebrate Love

“It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, please don’t arrange any meetings, we shall go out tomorrow” said the guy to his wife, as they waited for the cab to arrive. At the same time, a middle aged guy hearing the conversation thought to himself, that the day wouldn’t hold any importance for him because he did not have a partner. But the question is, do we really need a partner to celebrate this day? Can’t the people, without partners celebrate the day of love with their loved ones? Definitely they can, because love is an emotion, that should be expressed and celebrated.

Celebrated on 14th February, Valentine’s day is an old tradition where couples express their love, go on dates, exchange gifts etc. It is mostly celebrated by couples, while the singles just feel left out. However, in this article we shall share some ideas that people can imply, to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spread love, without feeling left out.

Special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Spend the day with your Family, Friends and Siblings :

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If you are a student or a working professional, having a schedule too busy to spend time with your family, then this Valentine’s Day spend some time with your family. Go out for a family dinner. Take your Siblings out on a date, and treat them with their favourites, get your parents flowers or handwritten letters, expressing how much you love them. Trust us, there is going to be no better way to celebrate this day of love, than spending it with your family.

Pamper Yourself :

Self Love is the key element, and you should always be your priority. Even though you don’t need a particular day to make yourself feel special, in everyday life, while running behind our dreams we often tend to forget ourselves. So, this Valentine’s day lets love ourselves. Spend the day with yourself, go to your favourite place, have your favourite food, buy yourself flowers, pamper yourself or do anything that makes you happy. Spending the day with yourself will definitely give you the satisfaction that is beyond explanation and you will definitely enjoy Valentine’s day, because at the end it’s only you for yourself.

Valentine's Day

Pet’s day out :

Aren’t our pets our best friends? If you are also a pet owner, you might be aware of the immense happiness we get after spending a good time with our pets, and even humans cannot match the level of affection our pets have. So this Valentine’s Day, share the day of love with your pets. You can go out to a pet friendly cafe, or get your pet a grooming session and their favourite treats. Also, what can be better than going on a long drive with your pet, with good music. Do try this out, and we assure you will love this idea of spending Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

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Love is not only meant for lovers, Similarly even Valentine’s day is not meant only for lovers. All the Singles who feel left out on these days, can spend the day with their friends, family, siblings or pets, or go on solo dates doing all they love, making the best out of the day. In this article we have shared some ideas, to celebrate the day. Do share this article with your single friends and make them happy this Valentine’s Day.



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