Watch Beautiful Couple Recreating ‘Rimjhim gire sawan’ Song

Twitter par ek couple kafi jyada viral ho raha hai. Inki video 1979 ki film ‘Manzil’ ke ek gaane “Rimjhim gire sawan” ko recreate karte hue social media par bohot viral ho rahi hai. Jis video me ye ‘Pyaara Couple’ hame couple goals dete hue barsat me Mumbai ki sadko par ghumte-firte najar aa rahe hain aur ye chij Rimjhim Gire Sawan jaisa lag raha hai. Is video ‘Couple Recreating Rimjhim gire sawan Song’ me inke pyaar ko dekhkar aapka man bhi khush ho jayega.

Watch Couple Recreating ‘Rimjhim gire sawan’ Video

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Is video me logo ne kaafi aache-aache comments kiye hain.

Have never been to Bombay. This video makes me want to visit Mumbai.

twitter user – MukherG

Just loved… Very well tried. Age is just a number…. Mutual respect and Love understanding each other and forgiving each other…. enough to live and die peacefully…

twitter user – vijayeendratanaya

I kept this video on my WhatsApp and Insta stories. I got this from a friend yesterday and we ensure to sing this song every time we are singing together. This song is magical beyond words. And Bombay rains and this song are a match made in heaven.

twitter user – mitrajo

Watch Rimjhim gire sawan song on YouTube

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