Web Series Releasing in 2024: 7 Shows You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Web Series Releasing in 2024

Most people enjoy watching movies and web series for entertainment and if you are also someone who loves watching web series and shows online, then 2024 is definitely going to be a lucky year for you. There are highly awaited releases coming up this year, which will be a big hit. Starting from the intense drama of “Mirzapur Season 3”, to the adventurous moments of “The Family Man Season 3”. The year is going to be a great mixture of laughter, thrill, adventure and more for the web series lovers. In this article ‘Web Series Releasing in 2024‘ we shall bring to our readers, the list of best Web Series releasing in 2024.

7 Web Series Releasing in 2024

1. Mirzapur Season 3

Mirzapur, a mixture of power crime and payback, will be back in 2024 with another breathtaking season. The series will star Ali Faizal and Pankaj Tripathi in amazing roles. The fight for control in Mirzapur will be shown with a twist of brutality and power. The new season will definitely meet the expectations of the audience and keep their eyes glued to the screen while they watch the fight for control in the city filled with crime.

Web Series Releasing in 2024
Mirzapur Season 3

2. The Family Man Season 3

The new season of The Family Man is releasing this year starring Manoj Bajpayee in the role of Srikant Tiwari. The show begins from where it ended in season 2 and will try to bring to the audience all the struggles faced by Srikant in the world of spying. There are hints that this season will be a blockbuster involving a mix of Spy drama and family life drama. If you have watched the last two seasons then excitement must continue to see what happens in season 3.

Web Series Releasing in 2024
The Family Man Season 3

3. Panchayat season 3

Known for showcasing the authenticity and beauty of rural India, Panchayat has been a beautiful creation of Jitendra Kumar. The audience has loved the first two seasons so the creator is set to bring the third season of Panchayat. Which will try to explore the characters life with a tinge of humour and authenticity which will touch the viewer’s heart. The first look of Jitendra Kumar is out and the fans are eagerly waiting for the entire season.

Web Series Releasing in 2024
Panchayat season 3

4. Special Ops Season 2

The first season of Special Ops, the famous spy series of Disney Plus Hotstar was a hit and the audience awaits the second season. Special Ops 2 is set to release in 2024. The plot of the new season will begin from where the first season ended.

Web Series Releasing in 2024
Special Ops Season 2

The new season is sure to consist of many more thrilling scenes and stories, of the adventure of the RAW Agent Himmat Singh and his team. Working around the world trying to stop a particular terrorist who attacks in specific patterns. If you enjoyed the first season, the second season will definitely be much more thrilling and will keep the viewers glued to the screen. Seeing the adventures of Himmat Singh and waiting for the reveal of the mastermind.

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5. Farzi Season 2

Shahid Kapoor stepped into the digital platform with his first series Farzi and after the great success of the first season he is back with the second season. The series was popular for its exciting crime stories and great acting skills of Shahid Kapoor.

Web Series Releasing in 2024
Farzi Season 2

The second season is sure to show a more thrilling story and a bolder side of the character of Shahid Kapoor. The viewers are definitely expecting more suspenseful and thrilling stories, from the second season after the first season set the bar so high.

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6. Kaala Paani Season 2

The release of the second season of a mysterious show “Kaala Paani” has been confirmed by Netflix. The plot is based on a mysterious disease that spread in Andaman. The series stars actors like Mona Singh, Vikas Kumar and Amey Wagh. The first season was loved by the viewers and with the second season the suspense increases. The mysterious story line is sure to keep the viewers hooked to their seat, from beginning till the end.

best web shows
Kaala Paani 2

7. Patal Lok Season 2

The series stars some amazing actors such as Jaideep Ahlawat in the role of a cop and Abhishek Banerjee in the role of the famous killer Hathoda Tyagi. The second season will try to explore the darker side of the society producing another strong mysterious story based on crime and justice.

best web shows
Patal Lok 2

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Coming to the end of the article ‘Web Series Releasing in 2024‘ we can conclude that 2024 is going to be an amazing year for web series watchers of different genres including crime, thriller, mystery, comedy and what not. If you are also someone who loves watching web series and have been waiting for the release of new series. Then do share this article with all your friends and family who love to watch web series.