Bhakshak Movie Dialogues

“Bhakshak” a name you will hear frequently these days. On social media, or in general conversations, discussions about “bhakshak” are all around the corner. And it is very obvious, after all the trailer has set up the bars for the audience. The movie is going to feature, Bhumi Pednekar in the lead role, and several other stars like Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastav, Surya Sharma etc and in today’s article ‘Bhakshak Movie Dialogues‘, we will discuss some of its best dialogues.

The trailer gives us an idea of the plot, as to how the movie is going to follow the journey of an investigative journalist, who is on a mission to expose a politicians aided man, who exploits a girls orphanage.

Bhakshak is a thriller Bollywood drama, directed by Pulkit. The movie is set to release on 9th February, 2024. Based on true events, the movie has set high expectations for the audience. So let’s have a look at some amazing dialogues from the movie, that will definitely make you even more excited for the movie.

Bhakshak Movie Dialogues

1. Anath ka matlab samajhti ho, jiska koi nath nahi hota. Tumlog hai ki nahi hai, kisi ko nai pata.

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2. Agar 2-3 mahine se ye report sarkar ke pass hai aur sarkar kuch nahi kar rahi to Bansi Sahu ki pahuch kaha tak hai tumhe samajh aa raha hai na?

Bhumi Pednekar film lines

3. Aap to ekdume hamare piche pad gayi hai.

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4. Sach khojne ka koshish kar rahe hai aur usme to kuch galat hai nahi?

Bhumi Pednekar dialogues

5. Hath bhi mat lagana usko.

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6. Are reporter hai isiliye chup baithe hai. Nai to gala kaat ke railway ki patri me daal diye hote abhitak.

bhakshak lines

7. Aaj du go aur ladki ko leke gaye hain, kal tumko leke jayenge.

bhakshak lines

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8. Pura taqat jhokna hai Bhaskar ji. Un bacchiyon ko insaf dilana hai.

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9. Jyada ummeed mat rakhna, case bohot strong nahi hai.

Bhakshak Movie Dialogues

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10. Jab tak dusre ke ghar me galat ho raha hai tab tak koi kuch nahi bolega,lakin ye yaad rakhna Arvind ki agar dusre ki beti ke sath galat ho raha hai to tumahe beti ke sath bhi hoga. Isiliye bolna padega Arvind.

Bhakshak Movie Dialogues

11. Aaj Bansi Sahu ka kundali likhenge ham.

Bhakshak Movie Dialogues

12. Dusro ke dard me dukhi hona bhul gaye hai kya. Kya abbhi apni ginti insano me karte hai? Ya apne aap ko bakshak maan chuke hai?

Bhakshak Movie Dialogues

Final Words

This film has tried to showcase the reality of how the powerful people try to hide in shadow and overpower the truth. It is a mixture of both drama and thriller. Do share this article with your friends and family with whom you would like to enjoy the movie.