Lord Rama Quotes: 9 Quotes That Will Change Your Thinking

Hindu mythology is a blend of various characters, idols, and gods such as Lord Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman, etc. However, we are certain that no other character has impacted any civilization as profoundly as Lord Rama. People have devoutly followed and implemented the ideas, thoughts, philosophies, and teachings of Lord Rama in their day-to-day lives even today. The sayings and quotes of Lord Rama reflect his wisdom, justifying his ranking as ‘Maryada Purushottam,’ as proclaimed by his devotees. In this article, we bring to the notice of our readers some of the best quotes and lessons of Lord Rama from the Ramayana.

Lord Rama Quotes

1. What Rama said once, there is no going back. The lines quote as, “Raghukul Reet Sada Chali Aayi, Praan Jaye Par Vachan na Jaaye.

lord Rama lessons

2. Just as people are scared of serpents, they are afraid of people who utter lies. Truth controls the world and Dharma is rooted in Truth.

lord Rama quotes

3. Beauty may leave the moon, himalayas may become bereft of snow, the ocean may transgress its shores. But I will never violate the promise given by my father. (Context : Rama pledged these lines, to fulfill the promise of spending 14 years in “Vanvaas” as promised to his father.)

lord Rama lessons

4. One’s elder brother, father and teacher who tread the path for knowledge should be considered as one’s father.

lord Rama quotes

5. A wise man should foresee tragedy or misfortune and take action to prevent or overcome such tragedies even before it strikes. Only then can he enjoy a safe and good life.

lord Rama quotes

6. Impatience is the enemy of wisdom. It propels us to jump to conclusions, judge others and to condemn even before understanding.

lord Rama quotes

7. No matter how wise a person like Ravana, even if he is a ten-headed intelligent one, if he is devoid of Dharma, then destruction is certain.

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8. Never underestimate your opponent and consider them smaller than you. What Ravana thought as ordinary apes and bears, ruined his entire army.

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9. No one can change the direction of the winds, but one can adjust the sails to reach the destination.

shri ram quotes

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Lord Rama always stood firmly against all the challenges and was devoted to the service of his land and citizens throughout his life. His quotes, words and lesson have always been a guiding light for people throughout. People get to learn lessons of righteousness, wisdom and duty from his words and doings. Even after years, Lord Rama’s teachings continue to inspire and resonate with people.