Self-Improvement: 15 Life Formulas for Transforming Your Life

Many of the people who read this article will need to progress significantly in their lives; they will have to do something big. However, among them, many people only wish for this thing to happen, they themselves do not actively push towards that goal, and this is one of the biggest reasons for them lagging behind. Therefore, every person who has big goals in their life should take words like self-improvement, self-growth, and self-development very seriously, and in today’s article ‘Personal Development: 15 Life Formulas for Self-Improvement’ we will talk about all these things that will help you become a better and dedicated person, which will eventually allow you to achieve your goals.

1. Rejection and Failures

One of the biggest mistakes that the average person makes is that they perceive words like “rejection” and “failures” as highly negative, but that’s not the case.

Rejections and failures are words that, upon occurrence, provide us with the opportunity to recognize our shortcomings and work on improving them. This allows you to enhance your potential for becoming an even better candidate and increasing your chances of success.

2. Comfort zone

See, if you believe that success and positive changes will come to you without any effort or while staying within your comfort zone, that’s never going to happen.

To make yourself better and successful, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. You need to prepare yourself for self-improvement by gaining knowledge from sources like self-improvement books, articles, audiobooks, and podcasts.

3. Clear goals

Many people are not clear about what they want from their lives, and this can be one of the biggest obstacles that prevents them from becoming successful.

If you want to score 90% in your board exams, then keep it clear in your mind that you need that much and then work hard towards achieving that goal. You can apply this same determination to other goals, such as meeting sales targets, managing a business, studying books, or anything else.

The point is, your goals should be realistic and well-defined in your mind.

4. Invest in yourself

When it comes to investing, our minds often think of things like the stock market, mutual funds, or fixed deposits. However, the most significant return on investment can be made in oneself.

  • You can invest in books or audiobook subscriptions for your self-improvement.
  • You can invest in healthy eating and a gym membership to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Investments like these will give you the biggest returns in your life.

5. Focusing on one thing

I have seen many people trying to do many things at once, and as a result, they are not able to do any one thing correctly. Multitasking should only be for our phones, not for our brains.

The point is that you can do one main task at a time to the best of your ability; that level of work cannot be done in multitasking.

successful man showing trophy illustration

6. Stop lying to yourself

Mediocre people often lie to themselves to conceal their shortcomings. For instance:

  • They can’t work on their self-growth because their friends are very negative and demotivating.
  • People can’t read self-improvement books because there’s no peace at their home.
  • They can’t get fit because their genes predispose them to obesity.
  • They can’t leave their negative friends because then they’ll have to be alone.

One should avoid engaging in such self-deception and instead recognize their shortcomings. They should focus on what is essential for themselves and their goals.

7. Less friends = deeper bonding

Due to social media these days, most friendships have become superficial. Everyone is caught up in this rat race of having the most parties, the most friends, or the most followers.

In this kind of show-off friendship, there isn’t much bonding or loyalty.

When it comes to matters of friendship, the focus should be more on quality than quantity.

8. Who accept suffering achieve greatness

Those who invest hard work in growing their businesses, preparing for competitive exams, dedicating time to self-development through reading, and putting effort into their workouts at the gym, they enjoy the hardships involved in these pursuits and move towards success rather than settling for mediocrity.

On the other hand, individuals who do not wish to endure this hardship never step out of their comfort zones and consequently, they cannot achieve success.

9. How you react that matters

Many people are such that they let their mood be affected by things over which they have no control. Due to this reaction, they are wasting their valuable time that they could have invested in personal growth.

That’s why we should avoid reacting to everything, especially those things over which we have no control.

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10. You can change your life tomorrow

Yes, you’ve read it absolutely right. You can change your tomorrow if you desire, but to bring about this change, you need willpower and a lot of sacrifices.

You can decide that starting tomorrow, you will read 10 pages of a self-growth book every day.

Starting tomorrow, you will watch at least 1 podcast every day.

Starting tomorrow, you will begin distancing yourself from all the negative people in your life.

From today, you can start the journey of making yourself better. You can truly do this. There’s no complicated logic to becoming successful. If you focus on your self-development and work hard, you will definitely become successful.

In this article on ‘Personal Development Life Formulas,’ we will discuss sacrifices next.

11. Unimportant sacrifices

There is a dialogue that goes, ‘To gain something, you have to lose something. The same principle applies here as well. But the concept of sacrifices isn’t about difficult things here. It means saving the time spent on unnecessary things and investing it in essential tasks that will make you successful. For instance:

  • Gossiping on the phone with friends, it’s better to watch a podcast.
  • Instead of constantly attending parties and hanging out with friends, it’s better to read a self-improvement book.
  • Instead of watching meaningless movies, it’s better to read some articles related to your goals.

By making these small sacrifices, you can prevent the leakage of your time and invest that time in achieving your goals.

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12. Don’t care about the opinion of others

Whenever someone tries to deviate from the traditional path of a regular job and aims to do something different, they will encounter discouraging remarks from society, parents, and some negative friends. But you need to believe in yourself and your goals and not pay attention to their words.

‘Some things people will say, it’s the job of people to speak.’ We should apply the lyrics of this Bollywood song to our lives.

Today, people will say, tomorrow people will say even more, and the day after tomorrow, they will eventually get tired and quiet down.

man doing his self improving work on laptop

13. Positivity

In this article about ‘Personal Development Life Formulas’, let’s now discuss positivity.

The word ‘Positivity’ should be taken very seriously by every individual. In this one word, there is the power to change the world.

This thing is also quite important for a person’s success, how they see the positive side of any problem, and this skill is a part of your overall positive personality.

Just as you work towards making yourself positive, gradually you distance yourself from negative things and people. Which is quite essential for your success.

14. Believe in yourself

Having confidence in oneself is a very important thing for your overall life. When you start believing in yourself, there’s an inner voice that tells you that you can do it, and this voice is essential for achieving success.

You might have heard many people talking like this –

  • “I can’t learn English because…”
  • “I can never get fit because…”
  • “Myself can never have a girlfriend/boyfriend because…”

People who talk like this often lack self-confidence.

15. Change the words for yourself

In Rahul’s dictionary, just like there was no word like “impossible,” in the same way, there should not be any word filled with negativity, demotivation, or mediocrity in your vocabulary. Instead, you can replace those things with motivating and positive elements. For instance:

“I can never make money in the stock market.”If I dedicate a month to learning thoroughly, I might be able to earn money.
“I’ll never find love in a relationship.”
I can work on myself both intellectually and physically, becoming even better, which can attract good people towards me.

From these examples, you can understand how to motivate yourself and move towards success.


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So, these were those 15 things that will greatly help you in your self-growth and becoming successful. These qualities mentioned in the article have been extracted by reading numerous books, and you should definitely incorporate these things into your life. Adding these things to your life suddenly might be a bit difficult, but gradually, all these things will become a part of your daily life.

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